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Spellbinders 12 Inch Paper Trimmer Replacement Blades

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Replacement Cutting Blades contains two cutting blades to work with T-050 Paper Trimmer.

How to Change Blade Carriage:

  1. Slide the blade carriage down the cutting rail to the blade removal groove. When nearing the groove, begin pulling the blade carriage up at a 45-degree angle and continue to slide down until the carriage comes free.
  2. Set the new blade carriage into the groove at a 45-degree angle. Push the carriage down as you slide it up the cutting rail to fully seat the carriage in place.

Use with Caution: Sharp Blade is a cutting hazard. Contact may result in injury. Always keep blades away from fingers and body. Keep out of reach of children.***Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping on this item.   It may be an order-in item.